Every evening we are available at the reception at Château de la Motte, on the other side of the road from Colline des Possibles (except on Sundays where we open the reception in the morning). We can advise and help you regarding cultural visits, sports activities, restaurants, etc…

We can help you organise your stay, and use our expertise, contacts and local knowledge to assit you in planning your itinerary.  Furthermore, we are lucky to have Gaëtan’s parents, Charles and Catherine living at the Domain, both of whom are doctors.


Kristina, a Yoga instructor and a pupil of Peter Hersnack, introduces you to the joys of this Art. The large lawns of the Domain invite you to practice Yoga under the eyes of squirrels, hoopoes, robins and nightingales. A pleasant room is available when the weather does not permit outdoor practice. Kristina also offers advice and massages, being a nutrition expert and ayurvedic practitioner..


Nadège and Yoann assist Kristina in constructing your unique and creative project. They will provide you with their professional experiences and advices. On the estate you will find them at the reception for all information and in the shop with delicious local products.


Gaëtan, artist-painter.

During you stay, you can discover the latest paintings from his series “crowds and individuals”.

We are here to help you create a wonderful stay!

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